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SkyWay USA offers the kind of satellite Internet deals that savvy consumers are looking for.

With the best prices in the industry for introductory packages and bundle pricing, you can save money while still getting the high speed satellite Internet service that you have been dreaming of. Living in rural areas used to mean poor Internet options like dialup and DSL. However, today’s satellite Internet service from SkyWay USA means you can get fast connection to the World Wide Web for as low as $39.99.

Satellite Internet Deals

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Get More, Spend Less with SkyWay USA

With SkyWay USA, you always save on the cost of satellite Internet.

You get the best pricing in the industry and can get started with no money out of pocket. Standard installation is completely free and we don’t charge activation fees. This means more money in your pocket, just where you want your money to be.

Limited Time Deals on Satellite Internet from SkyWay USA

SkyWay USA regularly offers limited time satellite Internet deals, like huge discounts on leasing your cutting-edge HughesNet Gen4 system or a discount per month off your bill for the first three months on specific plans.

On occasion, SkyWay USA even offers rebates off the purchase of new systems. You always get a great deal on high speed Internet with the leader in rural Internet service.

Bundle and Save

Telephone and cable providers have been offering bundle packaging for years in urban areas, but there was nothing comparable in rural parts of the country.

However with SkyWay USA, you can get bundle pricing that gives you great satellite Internet deals, when combined with DIRECTV service. Save $50 when you get SkyWay USA satellite Internet and DIRECTV for your home or business.

Looking to save on your home phone service? Get SkyWay USA high speed Internet service and eliminate your home phone line. Instead choose high tech VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone service from SkyWay USA for a fraction of the price when compared to regular phone service.

No matter where you live, SkyWay USA has satellite Internet deals waiting for you. Explore your options for affordable, high speed rural Internet service today.