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Satellite broadband Internet is the technology that brings lighting fast Internet connection to rural residents throughout the entire United States and many parts of the world.

SkyWay USA is proud to deliver real speed to rural Internet users in America through reliable, always connected satellite broadband service. Available everywhere in the nation, SkyWay USA is the high speed satellite broadband Internet provider that ensures you are not held back any longer by dialup or slow DSL that just can’t deliver the advantages of today’s Internet.

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How Does Satellite Broadband Internet Work?

Satellite broadband Internet works by transmitting requests from your computer to a satellite in space.

This satellite retrieves the information you are looking for and sends it back to your computer. Because the satellite is 22,000 miles away and information must travel this distance twice, latency does occur with satellite Internet service. However, thanks to super fast technology, for most uses this latency is imperceptible. The information you want is delivered in a fraction of a second. That means no more waiting around on connections and loading pages.

Satellite Broadband Internet from SkyWay USA, a Satellite Internet Provider

What Can I Expect When I Order SkyWay USA?

Certified technicians connect each and every subscriber of SkyWay USA, so that you get the very best in high speed Internet connectivity.

They will come to your home or business and install a satellite receiver, usually on the roof of your building, angling it for optimal efficiency. A coaxial cable is used to connect the receiver to the modem attached to your computer. Installation is fast and complete, providing everything you need to get started with always-on, always fast satellite broadband Internet. What’s more, standard installation is always free of charge.

SkyWay USA is a part of the largest satellite Internet network in the country and is committed to always bringing you the very best in technology and speed. Constantly seeking ways to deliver faster, more reliable service, the company brings you quicker service and better prices than any other satellite Internet provider. This means you get to do more gaming, watch more videos and movies, download more photos, surf the net more, listen to more music and do more social networking than you ever thought possible with a rural Internet option.

Get satellite broadband Internet from SkyWay USA today and experience the excitement and possibilities at your fingertips when you choose the company that brings an always-on connection and rapid fire use of the Internet. Get started now, by calling us.

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