SkyWay USA: Your Rural Wireless Satellite Internet Provider in High Shoals NC

SkyWay USA is the satellite Internet provider in High Shoals NC that loyal subscribers trust.

High-speed rural Internet needs in High Shoals NC can now be met by a modern, satellite-based concept. No matter how rural your location may be, ultra-fast SkyWay USA offers:

  • The best satellite technology in the rural internet business
  • Top rated customer service and technical support
  • FREE standard installation with Skyway USA

SkyWay USA has carved out its niche in satellite-based Internet by pioneering in both quality and reliability in rural NC. There's no need to be burdened by either dial-up Internet service or slow DSL service. Join the rural internet revolution in High Shoals North Carolina. Enjoy dynamic high speed rural broadband Internet services now in NC.

Satellite Internet Provider High Shoals NC

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A Satellite Internet Provider Offering Good Options in High Shoals NC

Enjoy ultra fast two way Internet service with Skyway USA in High Shoals North Carolina. Satellite internet download speeds up to 15mbps are possible with Skyway USA, and speeds of up to 2mbps are possible for uploads. These are the fastest speeds offered anywhere in the business. SkyWay USA combines these impressive download and upload speeds at a modest cost in High Shoals, especially compared to other satellite internet service providers (ISPs). Skyway USA Plans start at just $39.99/mo.

There are four high speed satellite internet plans available in High Shoals North Carolina, ensuring that you'll get the flexibility of choice that you're searching for in a rural satellite internet service:

  • Connect
    This is a home plan that a single internet user in High Shoals North Carolina may find to be ideal. 5Mbps speeds for downloads and 1Mbps speeds for uploads will quickly expand what you can do on the web compared to using DSL or dial-up. A data allowance of 5 GB is available anytime; an extra 5 GB of data may be used between the hours of 2am and 8am. 
  • Power
    This is an excellent plan for web browsing, emailing and sharing photos in High Shoals NC. The Power plan offers downloads at 10 Mbps and uploads at 1 Mbps. Enjoy 10 GB of anytime usage and an extra 10 GB of "bonus time." You'll be more productive than ever.
  • Power PRO
    This plan is excellent for High Shoals individuals who want to spend more time online, especially for those who enjoy social networking and sharing. Download speeds of as much as 10 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 2 Mbps are experienced. Your anytime usage is 15 GB per month, plus there's another 15 GB in bonus bytes available from 2am and 8am.
  • PowerMAX

    The PowerMAX plan is designed for heavy users in High Shoals NC, and will readily handle your usual web use, along with video and media streaming. The plan includes up to 15 Mbps of download speed along with up to 2Mbps of upload speed. This plan also has the most generous data usage standards. Enjoy 20 GB of data usage anytime, and get another 20 GB of bonus data usage between 2am and 8am. 

High Shoals North Carolina: Do Much More With SkyWay USA High Speed Internet

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SkyWay USA: Your Rural Wireless Satellite Internet Provider in High Shoals NC

This is rural Internet in High Shoals NC the way it was meant to be. Residents in rural areas love the convenience of SkyWay USA because it lets you accomplish things on the Internet that you never believed would be possible with rural Internet. Now, there's a high speed wireless satellite Internet provider in High Shoals NC that will make dial up and DSL nothing but a fading memory. Now, you'll do the things in rural North Carolina that those on the web across the world have always been doing:

  • Shop online and browse the Internet 
  • Stay in touch via email, video chat and social networks
  • Stream videos and music
  • Download images, files and software
  • Enjoy low-cost VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone 

SkyWay USA is the satellite Internet provider High Shoals NC consumers trust more than all the other rural Internet service providers. Switch to SkyWay USA now to experience dynamic, vital high-speed Internet wherever you may live.

High Speed Rural Internet Service with Skyway USA in North Carolina

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