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The leading satellite Internet provider in Aguilar CO Skyway USA has changed rural internet service forever.

As a Aguilar Colorado home owner, are you tired of dial up Internet service or DSL that is slow and out of tune with today's high speed technology? If you live in a rural area of CO where getting continual access to high speed internet is a problem, SkyWay USA is the solution you have been hoping for. Available in your town or city, SkyWay USA is the rural satellite Internet service that offers FREE standard installation, top rated customer service, and the best high speed technology. Skyway USA is the industry leader for quality and dependable satellite internet service.

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Whatever Your High SPeed Needs, SkyWay USA Has A Satellite Internet Plan For You in Aguilar Colorado

SkyWay has the fastest speed currently offered in the industry and definitely in your area of Aguilar Colorado. With up to 15 MBPS for downloads and up to 2 MBPS for uploads, it offers super-fast 2-way broadband Internet service at a very affordable price, starting at a low $39.99 per month. There are four plans available so you can choose which plan will suit your needs.

  • Connect
    This home plan is perfect for a single user in Aguilar CO. Up to 5 MBPS for downloads and 1 MBPS for uploads, this plan lets users have the options they need in an Internet service. Data allowance for this type of service is 5 GB of anytime usage, and 5 GB of additional Data that can be used from 2 am to 8 am.
  • Power
    Power is a fantastic plan for sharing photographs, emailing, and for searching or browsing online in and out of Aguilar. With speeds of up to 10 MBPS for downloads and up to 1 MBPS for uploading, it offers 10 GB of anytime usage with an additional 10 GB of additional time. This plan will let you confidently peruse the Internet with ease.
  • Power PRO
    This is the best choice for those who work or spend a lot of time online in Aguilar Colorado. Speeds for this plan are up to 10 MBPS for downloads and 2 MBPS for uploads and is ideal for online sharing. Anytime usage is 15 GB per month with an additional 15 GB that can be used from 2 am to 8 am. This plan allows even more options and is great for those who like to social network.
  • PowerMAX

    This plan was designed for flexibility and heavy Internet usage in Aguilar CO. For streaming and watching videos, and other media technology this is an invaluable service. You have 15 MBPS download speed and 2 MBPS of upload speed, and 20 generous GB of anytime minutes, plus an additional 20 GB of data allowance that is free to use between 2 am and 8 am. This plan is sure to satisfy all your Internet needs and will allow you to do so much quickly and easily.

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get SkyWay USA, The Best Wireless Satellite Internet Provider in Aguilar CO

SkyWay USA is the most trusted and reputable satellite Internet provider in Aguilar CO, letting rural residents do much more than they ever could online. They get to:

  • Download pictures, software and files in Aguilar.
  • Stream videos, movies and music.
  • Stay connected through Facebook, email and Skype.
  • Use VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone service
  • Shop online and web surf

Have the world at your fingertips. See why SkyWay USA is trusted and respected as the top satellite broadband internet provider in Aguilar CO.

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